The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army announced that yesterday the air force carried out 11 attacks on places where Russian soldiers and equipment are concentrated and three attacks on positions of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems.


The Ukrainian army claims to have shot down a Russian Su-25 jet

The General Staff also states that the Russian Su-25 fighter jet was shot down.


The Ukrainian army claims to have shot down a Russian Su-25 jet


Meanwhile, the governor of Mykolaiv district, Vitaly Kim, said that two teenagers were killed in last night’s Russian attack. The Russian army used S-300 surface-to-air missiles, damaging a school, a private company and a residential building.

While the governor of Zaporizhia, Yuriy Malashko said Russia launched a mass attack in the area last night.

“Russian forces attacked the Zaporizhzhia region during the night of April 16, on Orthodox Easter.”, Malashko said, adding that a local church and buildings around the sacred building were damaged during the attack.


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