The Institute for the Study of War reported today that Wagner fighters allegedly continue to commit war crimes, including the “beheading of Ukrainian soldiers.”


Putin may propose an Easter truce to try to delay Ukraine’s counteroffensive

The institute also informs that Russian President Vladimir Putin could use Easter to propose a ceasefire and postpone the long-awaited Ukrainian counter-offensive.


Putin may propose an Easter truce to try to delay Ukraine's counteroffensive


The Kremlin may use Easter, which falls on April 16, to call for a pause in hostilities “out of respect for the Orthodox faith despite the fact that Russia has shown no such respect for religion in the areas its forces occupy.” – ISW.

Moscow previously called for a 36-hour ceasefire on Orthodox Christmas in January 2023, which Ukraine rejected. Kyiv said at the time that Russia had continued its attacks during the proposed ceasefire period.


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