Russian President Vladimir Putin said today, during a video meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, that he wants to strengthen military cooperation with China, praising Moscow and Beijing’s resistance to Western pressure.


Putin-Xi video meeting


Putin-Xi video meeting: Strengthened military cooperation between Russia and China announced

“In the context of Western pressure and unprecedented provocations, we defend our principled positions.”, Putin said in the conversation with Xi.

According to him, “the coordination of Moscow and Beijing on the international stage serves to create a just world order based on international law.”


Putin-Xi video meeting


In Russian-Chinese cooperation, military and technical cooperation have a special place, which contributes to the security of our countries and maintaining stability in key regions, Putin emphasized.

The Russian president then indicated that the two countries intend to strengthen the cooperation of the armed forces.

Putin also announced today that his Chinese counterpart will pay a “state visit” to Russia in the spring of 2023, which will be the first visit since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.


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