“We have always said we have no bad intentions towards our neighbors.”, said Russian President Vladimir Putin in a video address to the Russian flag-raising ceremony on the Marshal Rokosovski ferry.


Putin added that Russia only responds to negative actions from other countries.


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Putin: "We have no bad intentions towards our neighbors"


Putin: “We have no bad intentions towards our neighbors”


He advised neighboring countries not to aggravate the situation and not to impose restrictions. Russia, as the President added, will fulfill its obligations in the future, as before.


“I do not see the need to worsen the situation, nor to worsen our relations.”, Putin said.


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Putin: "We have no bad intentions towards our neighbors"


According to him, if someone does not want to cooperate, it will hurt Russia, but the country, as he claims, will still solve the problems and win. Because, as the President emphasized, he will get new competencies.


“We have shown it many times and we are ready to do it again. If someone does not want to cooperate with us, he harms himself. Of course, it hurts us too, but in what? We will have to move some projects a little to the right, to gain additional competencies, in the same way we did for other projects.”, he added.


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