Dan and Lincoln from the YouTube channel ‘What’s Inside?‘ this time are opening a levitating globe, to see what’s inside it.

They say that this opening is for the 48th year of the Earth Day. “In 1969, there was an oil spill in California. Based off of that, world leaders came together and created Earth Day. Now it’s recognized in countries all over the world. So, we thought that it would be appropriate to take a look what’s inside the magnetic levitating globe.

He also said that today he’s heading to Puerto Rico, so he will look at the ocean to see the types of plastic that are floating inside of the ocean.

I’m really curios what’s inside this magnetic levitating globe and how it works.

It’s interesting to see how Dan is asking a question to his son Lincoln about how much times the earth spins around the sun and he does not know the answer because the school doesn’t teach him. It’s not his fault that he don’t know, but it’s really the school’s fault, because nowadays, everything is going to the wrong directions and the schools doesn’t teach the students, what they really need to know.

They crash the globe while it’s levitating and spinning, and they brake South America and Brazil.

Inside the globe was some coils, a little sensor, the metal that goes on the magnet. Also, they’re trying does can the magnet levitate itself.

Watch the video if you want to see and find out more:

This video belongs to the YouTube channel ‘What’s Inside?’.

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