Chrissy Teigen gave an inspiring interview and posed with her children despite the painful loss of her son in the 20th week of pregnancy. She pointed out that she and her husband, musician John Legend, are still considering expanding the family.

Model Chrissy Teigen (35) honestly said in the interview that she can not imagine her life without having more children.


Chrissy Teigen honest after the loss of the child, optimism doesn’t leave her

Luna (4) and Miles (2) pose next to their famous mother for the cover of People magazine. She points out that she teaches children to be exactly who they are and to accept what makes them unique.

“I am an open person with a free spirit and I want children to be children. For us, kindness is the greatest thing. When you meet our children, they are very warm and sociable. We allow them to be their own, creative and wonderful. John and I are very relaxed in upbringing, so was my mother. She let me learn from my mistakes.”, said Chrissy Teigen.




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She has only words of praise for her husband, musician John Legend.

“It’s wonderful to see him take care of our children. “It’s very nice to see my partner as a father.”, she said.


Last year, the celebrity couple faced an unimaginable tragedy, when they lost their son in the 20th week of pregnancy. The couple shared this news in public, in order to help other couples struggling with a similar loss to feel less lonely. Despite everything they have survived, the couple is still planning to expand the family.


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Chrissy opened her soul and explained every detail: ‘I survived that.’

“I learned how strong the body can be physically and mentally. I learned how strong I am. This year is a roller coaster for everyone in the world, including our little family. Watching people gather around us is really wonderful. A lot of things happened last year that I never thought John would have to see, but it was wonderful because we still love each other more than we could have imagined.”, she speaks honestly.



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Looking ahead to her future, Chrissy says she can’t wait to grow old with John – and to be surrounded by loved ones for the rest of their life together.

“I am really happy that our children, I hope they will be from the kind of children who will come every weekend to Sunday dinner. That will be incredibly important to me. I will be glad to see my family together.”, she said.

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