The world has a huge number of different hotels, and yet, each of them is unique in its own way.

There are two types of people, ie two types of thoughts about staying when organizing trips.

The first are those who do not attach much importance to where they will spend the night, because they literally understand the term “overnight”, so they plan the rest of the time until the last second.

The other side, on the other hand, believes that the comfort and quality of the place where they stay take up a large part of the overall experience of vacations and trips.

There are really special, unique and unusual hotels around the world where we would like to spend the night, no matter what category of people we belong to.


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In addition, we take you for a walk through the most unusual hotels on Earth, which will leave you completely speechless:

1. Ice Hotel – Sweden

The icy hotel includes a huge 6,000 square meters covered with snow and ice. It is located about 13 km from Kiruna, in the village of Yukayashrvi.

Every year in November, the icy hotel is “restored” by artists. Due to the extensive maintenance, this hotel is considered one of the most exclusive in the world.

A special feature is the ice church, where even weddings are held. A weekend at the Ice Hotel costs about $1,000, and about 50,000 visitors book one of the ice rooms regularly each year.





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2. Giraffe Hotel – Kenya

Staying in a hotel with meek, irresistible giraffes in their natural habitat is only available in Kenya. As soon as it dawns, the giraffes start walking near the hotel, because they know that breakfast is coming soon.

In the guest menus, food for the giraffes is also available and it is interesting that if one of them is fed, it deviates from the order of the others.

This hotel provides excellent interaction with these adorable animals. You can caress them, photograph them, and maybe even get a juicy kiss, as a token of gratitude.



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3. Waldseilgarten Höllschlucht – Germany

Do you want to spend the night outside, under the open sky? Sleeping in a tree can be provided by the Waldseilgarten Höllschlucht Hotel in Germany.

Here you can sleep in the so-called “floating” tents, which are stationed in the dense branches of trees. Climbing and descending is possible only with the help of a rope and a climbing path.

People who spent the night in these amazing “rooms” say that they experienced the most beautiful sunrise and experienced the most beautiful, spectacular view of the mountain slopes.


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4. Hotel Costa Verde – Costa Rica

Have you ever thought that you could spend the night in a 1965 Boeing 727, which has been converted into a two-bedroom, luxury guest hotel?!

The recognizable shape of the aircraft exterior is intact, while the interior is completely transformed.

The hotel plane offers a magnificent view of the jungle and the vast ocean. The bedrooms have air conditioning and each has its own bathroom.




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5. Manta Underwater Room – Zanzibar

The last hotel on the list captivates with its uniqueness and exclusivity. Believe it or not, off the coast of Tanzania you can have an underwater bedroom.

The hotel is located in the resort of Manta in Zanzibar, by the coast. However, whether you are on the terrace, on the sunbathing roof, or in the bedroom, you stay in the water.

Manta Underwater Room is definitely one of the hotels you will not want to leave during your vacation.

The view of the underwater world of the Indian Ocean is crystal clear, and the evening light bulbs make the atmosphere even more magical. At the same time, dim light has the power to attract shy, marine animals, such as octopuses.


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