After the court ruled in favor of Brad Pitt, he finally got the opportunity to have joint custody of his six children with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie. After five years of litigation, the couple is back in the public spotlight, and it is written that Jolie is disappointed with this decision.

In addition, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will go down in show business history as a couple who had a tumultuous start (cheating on and leaving Jennifer Aniston because of her), but also an even more tumultuous divorce that has been talked about for years.

Through a tumultuous divorce, his greatest support is given by his mother Jane Pitt, who according to foreign media hasn’t tolerated Angelina Jolie for a long time and thinks that child custody court rulings are not correct.


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Brad Pitt's mother: "I will never forgive Angelina Jolie"



“Jane is a rock and roll and will never forgive Angelina for everything her family has gone through, especially since Brad does not look after the children as much as he should.”, cites a media source.


Brad Pitt’s mother: “I will never forgive Angelina Jolie”


Jane Pitt actually blames Angelina for believing she ruined her son’s life and she will never forgive her for treating him in a cruel and manipulative way. Brad Pitt has hardly had anything to do with his children since they divorced and his mother doesn’t want to let that continue.


Brad Pitt's mother: "I will never forgive Angelina Jolie"


The fact that Angelina “plays” a caring mother does not work for her, according to the media. Judging by the information from one source, Angelina loves all children only for herself and becomes vengeful.


“He lost touch with reality. Her anger and selfishness become stronger. He even called people to quarrel at two in the morning.”, says a source close to the couple.



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The impatience went so far that Jane was ready to teach Angelina a lesson, but her son didn’t want her to interfere.


Brad Pitt's mother: "I will never forgive Angelina Jolie"



“Brad begged his mother several times not to oppose Angelina, but she wanted to look her in the eye and teach her a lesson. She is to blame for ruining her son’s life and wants some answers.”, explains the source.


However, none of the actors in this story spoke publicly about all this.


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