Angelina Jolie has joined forces with National Geographic to raise awareness and highlight the importance of bee protection. The 45-year-old actress and activist Angelina Jolie posed for a striking photo with a group of bees on her. The photo was taken by beekeeper Dan Winters.

The photo project was not simple. Angelina revealed that she was not allowed to take a shower three days before the photo session.


“It was a lot of fun to get a haircut and make-up and to apply pheromone. We should not have taken a shower in the previous three days. They told us: ‘If you have all those different scents of shampoos and perfumes and other things, the bees will not know what you are.’ ”

“One of the bees was under my dress all the time. It was like in one of those old comedies. I felt it on my knee and on my leg and then I thought, ‘This is the worst place to sting.’ “, told Angelina Jolie.


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Angelina Jolie poses with bees on herself for World Bee Day

The campaign was made in honor of World Bee Day, and through it, Angelina said that it is extremely important for all of us to help protect the bee population.

Jolie was recently named Godmother of Women for Bees, a UNESCO-launched program to train and support women beekeepers-entrepreneurs around the world.


Angelina Jolie poses with bees on herself for World Bee Day




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