The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, in his regular, nightly, last address to his compatriots tonight emphasized that yesterday was a fruitful international day for his country and for the Ukrainian defense.

“Another, already tenth, meeting was held in the Rammstein format. They discussed ammunition for our soldiers, artillery, tanks, protection of Ukrainian skies. There is a solution. This is especially important now – when it is felt that Russian aggression is approaching the moment when it could burst.”, Zelenskyy said.


Zelenskyy: “The occupier must be destroyed”

“There is no such terrorist who could build his potential in confrontation with the free world. Russia is no exception. We must constantly increase the pressure on terror. Pressure in our defense, in sanctions against Russia, in destroying ways to circumvent the sanctions of the Russian state and its companies, in political and legal pressures.”, said the Ukrainian president in the night address to the nation.


Zelenskyy: "The occupier must be destroyed"


“The greater the pressure, the faster will be the movement towards the restoration of our territorial integrity and the international legal order. We do everything for our partners to feel it. This need will continue to press. Step by step. Constantly. The occupier must be destroyed.”, Zelenskyy said.

“Thank you to everyone who does it! Glory to all who are now in the fight! Kudos to everyone who helps!”, added the Ukrainian president.


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