Two people watched the wolf in the wild, when they managed to record the moment when the bullet struck the wild animal, which soon the wolf died.

Danish police found the young wolf and quickly arrested a 66-year-old man living near the incident.

The 66-years-old man is charged with several offenses, among which the most serious is the curve, as well as killing an animal species that is protected by law in Denmark.

Wolves for almost 200 years were considered extinct in the territory of Denmark, until the first samples were recorded five years ago.

The young female who was shot was the first wolf sample that appeared in the territory of Denmark.

It is thought that the wolves were originally from Germany but had been rejected by their pack before walking 310 miles to Denmark to find new hunting grounds.

Wolves were hunted to extinction in Denmark some time in the early 1800s.

There is a shocking and heartbreaking video where it can be clearly seen how to wolf gets shot and fall on the ground. After that, the animal dies.

The video contains images that some viewers may find upset. This is good to know before you click play on the video down below.

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