“The Ukrainian army announced that it had fired a missile at a group of Russian soldiers in Soledar, killing more than a hundred of them.”, the Kyiv Independent reported.

“The group of Russian soldiers has been identified by Ukrainian special operations forces, the special operations command said. Artillery was aimed at the troop concentration, followed by a Point-U missile, killing Russian soldiers in the area.”, the command said.


The Russian base in Soledar hit – Kyiv says over 100 soldiers killed

Along with 100 soldiers, Russian military equipment was also destroyed in the attack.

Fierce battles are ongoing between Ukrainian forces, the regular Russian army and the private mercenary group Wagner – the latter two of which claim that Russia controls the city. Ukraine has denied that the mining town belongs to Russia.


The Russian base in Soledar hit - Kyiv says over 100 soldiers killed


“Earlier, Russian forces attacked the city of Zaporizhia overnight.”, Zaporizhia City Council Secretary Anatoly Kurtev reported on his Telegram channel.

“Infrastructural facilities were damaged. A fire broke out on the spot. According to the initial information, there were no injuries.”, said Kurtev at the time.


TRENDING: At least three civilians were killed in Russian attacks on Christmas Day


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