There is no end to the actions in life of the movie star, Sylvester Stallone – the film hit “Rambo” will get a new sequel.

One of last week’s big pieces of news was that Sylvester Stallone will be reprising the role of John Rambo for Rambo V, a new installment in the franchise that’s set to film later this year and should appear at the cinema halls in Fall 2019.

Sylvester Stallone surprised all fans of the glorious action classic movie, when he released his official poster for the fifth sequel to the Rambo film on his Instagram profile.

The poster, which the actor has released, it has the silhouette of the infamous hero as he hits a knife into the ground.

“Something wicked is coming this way,” Stallone wrote in the description of the photo.

… Something wicked is coming this way!

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This time around, Stallone will do battle with the Mexican cartel; after a friend’s daughter is kidnapped, he crosses the border and does what he does best.

It is not known whether the actor will return to the role director for this film, as he is currently busy with a number of other projects.

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