Bodyguard of Kylie Jenner is a hot topic in Hollywood these days. The photos from were shared viral and he was compared with the baby of Kylie Jenner. They both has an incredible similarity. Fans wonder if Travis Scott really is a father?

Kylie went on a romantic journey with her partner Travis Scott and through the photos of social networks showed that they are both happier than ever and are not interested in rumors.

According to TMZ’s “Kylie sources”—Kris Jenner, obviously, right?—these rumors are absolutely false and Tim Chung, the bodyguard of Kylie Jenner is not the father of her precious child. The father is Travis Scott. In fact, it is “humanly impossible” for Chung to be the father of Kylie’s baby because, according to those very same Kylie sources, Chung has never had sex with Kylie. Personally, I appreciate the lesson on how sex works, but others were not so sure.

Also, to everyone that think maybe Tyga is the father of the child, than you must know that is definitely not Tyga…  Not his baby. It’s not!

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