Stewardesses claim that Jennifer Lopez is the most insolent star as a traveler. It is rumored that she doesn’t allow female flight attendants to work on her flights.

The speculation erupted these days, almost immediately after her fiancé Alex Rodriguez was reportedly “caught” texting Madison LeCroy, the star of the Instagram reality show Southern Charm.



The United Airlines flight attendant says that when she asked Jay Lo what she wanted to drink, she did not even look at her. She turned to her personal assistant and said, “Tell her I love diet coca-cola and lemon.”


“He did not want to look at me or address me. Too bad she looks so cute in her movies.”

“Jennifer Lopez doesn’t allow women to work on her flights at all. If she does not fly on a private plane, she will bring a personal assistant who will address the flight attendants instead.” – shares the flight attendant on Twitter.


There are accusations that Lopez is behaving like this because her ex-husband Mark Anthony cheated on her with a flight attendant while they were married.




Who is the woman who is associated with Alex Rodriguez?

As for speculation about Alex Rodriguez’s relationship with Madison LeCroy, she said the stories were untrue: “He never physically cheated on his fiancée with me. Yes, we talk sometimes, but not constantly and completely innocently.”


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LeCroy is a single mother of an 8-year-old child. The 31-year-old hairdresser had been married for 5 years.

“I was 20 when I got married and gave birth to Hudson at 22.”



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Southern Charm viewers have noticed that Alex has “liked” several of her Instagram photos in the past. However, she denies all allegations of her connection to Rodriguez and says that they have not met in person at all.

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