When the celebrities meet the Royal Family they must abide by the protocols that come with them.

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These are just a few of them:

– Before meeting the members of the Royal Family, they get a specific list of things they can and must not do. That is, it is a kind of announcement that they will meet.

– The celebrities are advised to arrive a little earlier than the required and agreed time. The royal members should arrive last.

Rules that the celebrities must follow when meeting the Royal Family

Celebrities meeting the Royal Family


– They must never touch the members of the royal family, except when the royal members initiate the contact.

– When in doubt about how to greet – a classic handshake is recommended.

– The royal member must wait to initiate the conversation. Celebrities should not be the first to address them either.

– Addressing by name is prohibited. At the first acquaintance, they should address them with “Your Majesty”, and later with a lady or a gentleman.

– There is no need for worship. Unless they meet the queen.

Celebrities meeting the Royal Family

Celebrities meeting the Royal Family


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– There is a list of words that must not be said out loud, such as “toilet”.

– They must always stand when the queen stands.

– They must never turn their backs on the queen.

– For security reasons, they must not ask for selfies.

– They must never refuse an invitation coming from a royal member.

Celebrities meeting the Royal Family

Celebrities meeting the Royal Family


– Invitations from Buckingham Palace must be answered twice.

– It is recommended to maintain constant eye contact. Wearing glasses is extremely indecent, and such an offense has occurred.

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