Although they may not have private social media profiles, members of the Royal Family have officials run by professionals. The monarchy must keep pace with the times and follow the trends of the 21st century. Queen Elizabeth knows that, but so do her grandchildren who work tirelessly.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have created their own YouTube channel. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have asked their fans to subscribe to their new YouTube channel via Instagram and Twitter. In a few hours, they gathered 200,000 subscribers.


“Better late than never – we’re now on YouTube.”, wrote the Royal Couple on an Instagram post.



Due to this move, they also changed the official name of the Instagram profile. Instead of “Kensington Royal” as it was before, it is now changed to “Duke and Duchess of Cambridge”.


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Kate Middleton and Prince William have created their own YouTube channel


Although their first video lasts only 25 seconds, it contains previous recordings of their lives and business events.


The beginning of the video is very cute. See it here:





The video already has a million views and it shows enough how popular the Royal couple is. This is just one but very important step by which Prince William wants to modernize the monarchy. He also wants to give people a better view of their lives that have been hidden behind the palace walls for years.


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