Is Kim Kardashian a smuggler or a victim of fraud? The scandalous story of the smuggling of a sculpture from Italy to the United States after 5 years received a court epilogue.

The name of Kim Kardashian (40) is again in the middle of a major international scandal related to the smuggling of a sculpture of the goddess Athena, built in the first or second century BC. According to experts, the valuable copy was found in Los Angeles in 2016 in a container containing 40 other items, including furniture and decorations. These works were commissioned to equip the home of then-spouses Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The consignment note stated a total weight of 5.5 tons, as well as the name of the customer and importer Kim Kardashian. This was delivered by Zaklad Noel Roberts for a total price of $745,882.



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Kim Kardashian under attack by American Heritage Squad

This shipment attracted the attention of police and customs officials. The consignment was therefore seized until its origin was fully investigated. There was a suspicion that it was an abuse and smuggling of cultural and historical heritage.

Supplier Zaklad Noel Roberts has a completely different story. According to their records, the sculpture of Athena was owned by Axel Vervoordt. He then went to the English collector’s collection through the French Art Gallery and the German Auction House. But there are no clear traces of how it was found in his legacy.


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Is Kim Kardashian a smuggler or a victim of fraud?

Kim Kardashian’s lawyers claim that their client neither ordered nor bought the sculpture. Kim Kardashian was not aware that the sculpture was imported to the United States in her name. The official report claims that Kim Kardashian’s name was abused, ie used without her knowledge and approval. Kim Kardashian is looking forward to the court epilogue for the affair that started 5 years ago.

This story will soon end in court. The competent court in Los Angeles will make the decision in the case of Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian claims that she didn’t order the sculpture from anyone and that she didn’t know about its existence until 5 years ago – when it was seized.


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