The private letter that Meghan Markle sent to her father Thomas Markle was described by lawyers as an ‘original literary work’ because it was handwritten. This means that the author, Meghan Markle, has all the rights. The judge ruled that the letter was private and that Meghan Markle had no assistance in writing the letter.


The court ruled in her favor

After a long and grueling trial, Meghan Markle proved her justice. She won the lawsuit for copyright infringement against publisher Mail On Sunday.

The judge ruled that it was a private letter. Much of what has been published is about Meghan’s feelings about her father’s behavior. These are private and personal matters. The plaintiff reasonably expected that the contents of the letter would remain private.


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Meghan Markle won the war with the tabloids


Meghan Markle won the war with the tabloids

At the lawsuit, Judge Lord Justice Warby handed down a brief verdict on the remaining parts of Meghan Markle‘s copyright lawsuit.



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