Anyone can come accidentally to delete an image from the phone, but that does not mean that everything is lost. On the contrary, there is a possibility to restore deleted images in your phone and it is very easy.

Restoring the image you deleted in the original folder where it is located is very easy, but you just need to know what to do in this situation, without even beginning to notice that the image is lost forever.


If you have an iPhone, the task will be much easier. Because iOS developers were considering all possible options, they thought and what would happen if you accidentally delete one of the images, so they made a special folder where all the deleted photos go.

iOS, Deleted Images, Trash Folder, Picture

Recently Deleted folder in iOS.

Go to Photos and find the Recently Deleted folder. It’s not possible to miss it because its icon is gray and has a bucket. Enter this folder and find the image that you have erased in error and return it to its place. Images in the Recently Deleted folder can stay up to a month, and besides them, there is a countdown timer that shows you how long the image can be in this folder.


Android has two ways to restore deleted images. The first one includes the Google Photos app, which automatically makes a backup of all images in your phone. If you accidentally delete an image, just open this application and look for a hamburger-like icon. From there, go to Trash, then to Restore, and finally select the images you want to restore to the original folder.

Android, Deleted Images, Trash Folder, Pictures, restore deleted images

Google Photos Trash folder.

In case you have deleted an image without having previously installed the Google Photos app, then we recommend the DiskDigger Photo Recovery application, whose only job is to restore the deleted images.

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DiskDigger Photo Recovery application.

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