Who is the Brazilian who lives in the world of Barbie, her favorite childhood doll? Virtually every part of her home is painted pink, only one room is blue and it belongs to Ken, who is temporarily her brother. She says that she is 61 years old, as long as the Barbie brand actually exists.

For the Brazilian Bruna Carolina Peres, the little girls’ dream is a reality. She wakes up every morning in her pink house, pink room, Barbie-style bedding and cute puffy pillows with the image of her idol in pink satin pajamas in her beach house … And yes, the house is completely pink!




As she calls herself, Bruna Barbie is a digital influencer from the Brazilian city of Curitiba with over 12 million TickTock followers and 2.4 million on YouTube where she shares her daily routine imitating the style of the world’s most famous toy. She is also known on Instagram with over 300 thousand followers who like her pink creations. On social media, in addition to videos from her daily routine, she also posts makeup and fashion tutorials, as well as beauty and exercise tips, gaining followers and fans of all ages.

Although she is a law graduate, she has been making money from her social networks since 2013 and is happy that she has more and more followers every day.

Inspired by Barbie, she has won a dozen awards with her lifestyle and styling, including Miss Barbie Universe, Youtube Barbie and Miss Barbie Brasil.




A real Barbie house – a dream for every girl

Barbie says that her house is more than a home, she is her inspiration, office and recording studio. The next step in arranging her pink world is a room dedicated to the collection of over fifty Barbies that she buys or receives as a gift.

For her pink house in the style of Barbie’s famous Malibu house, Bruna has spent 500,000 reais or about 100,000 dollars.

Just like Barbie, her home is on the beach. Everything in it is in the style of the famous doll, from her clothes to the kitchen appliances, dishes and furniture, bedding and curtains, the decorations around the rooms, the pool, and even the meals she prepares don’t lack pink color.

Bruna Barbie reveals that it was difficult to find all the materials for her pink home, so there are a lot of handmade custom-made items just for her, as well as imported items and appliances.

There is a room for Ken in her home, and it is the only room that is not pink, but blue. This room is reserved for her brother when he is visiting, as he has not yet found his Ken.


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