Sometimes when you follow the perfect photos of Instagram influencers you want to be like them, they motivate you to work as much as possible to achieve the desired look and when that fails you also get frustrated.

Fitness instructor Georgina Cox posts videos on her Instagram account where she shows with a practical example how Instagram trainers and fitness influencers “fake” the transformations of the body.


“It is very important to be aware of the photos you see and the reality behind them is that there are many factors that can COMPLETELY change someone’s appearance!”, the fitness instructor wrote.



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You can follow the tricks in the videos below, which are proof that the way you stand and hold your body plays a huge role.


“Posing is definitely a contributing FACTOR to the vast majority of images we scroll past, but when it comes to muscle, BODY COMPOSITION will EMPHASISE these poses,” she wrote in the video description.


Videos that reveal how Instagram influencers create a false image of their body:




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