Bella Hadid often talks about her depression, but the supermodel also has problems with her physical health.

26-year-old Bella suffers from Lyme disease, and in a post on Instagram Story spoke about the challenges she is facing.


Bella Hadid openly talks about Lyme disease


Bella Hadid openly talks about Lyme disease: “I look like a sick dog, I feel sick when I look in the mirror”

At the same time, Bella also revealed that she had an infection in her jaw caused by a tooth, which further worsened her Lyme disease symptoms.

“I look like a sick dog. The pain from his jaw spread throughout his body. This pain is something different.

I hate looking in the mirror or taking pictures, especially lately. Honestly, it makes me sick to see myself. Years and years of this.”, Bella says in the video.


Bella Hadid openly talks about Lyme disease


The supermodel points out that the disease is even more problematic because she works as a supermodel and needs to be photographed all the time.

“If you look at my professional photos from the past eight years, you can tell the difference between when I have a rash and when I’m healthy. It’s like I’m a different girl.

When I work a lot, when I’m stressed, my skin changes color, I get acne, I’m lethargic, I have chronic anxiety, zero motivation, I’m depressed.

Thank you for watching the video. Knowing a little more about me is an important part of my everyday life. It really means a lot to me and I feel closer to you. I love you very, very, very much. My angels.”, she told his followers.


Bella Hadid openly talks about Lyme disease

Bella Hadid openly talks about Lyme disease


Bella was diagnosed with Lyme disease at the age of 16. At 14, however, mental health problems began and she began to drink sedatives “on her own” because she felt very depressed.


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