Singer Rihanna follows musical and business hits as a joke. After numerous business adventures, she recently embarked on another one.

Singer Rihanna doesn’t stop spreading her kingdom. The fans are thrilled.


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Rihanna Will be Launching Fenty Hair

Rihanna Will be Launching Fenty Hair


The 33-year-old Rihanna from Barbados, who in addition to her music career has a successful collection of make-up, clothes and underwear, will now dedicate herself to her new business adventure – launching a hair collection.


Singer Rihanna doesn’t stop spreading her kingdom

Namely, Rihanna applied for a patent for the name “Fenty Hair” in the field of anti-dandruff products, curly hair products, hair extensions and other hair care products.

From the very beginning of her career, Rihanna is known for the frequent change of hairstyle.


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It is not yet known when the Fenty Hair collection will be officially released. But it is known that it will be very extensive and will cover all hair types.

Needless to say, fans are thrilled with this idea. Only positive comments and support are given on social networks.

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