All pet owners face the same problem. Going to the office, pharmacy, post office, bank with a pet is a bit awkward because you have to leave it outside.

Petra Turkulin Odak and Filip Gordon Frank designed the solution to this problem. They designed and designed the GOODBONNY ecological pet houses.

These are houses for the temporary residence of pets.


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Don’t want to leave your pet in front of a store?

GOODBONNY is an innovative, pet-friendly product, which is designed as a space for temporary residence of pets on public sites, such as office, pharmacy, post office bank, but also external space such as the beach. This project was designed and realized by Petra Turkulin Odak.


GOODBONNY ecological pet house

GOODBONNY ecological pet house



“Dogs are our best friends, we spend most of the day with them, both at home and outside for walks, shopping, paying bills, drinking coffee and other activities. I have faced this problem, especially during the summer months, with high temperatures, and in winter when it is raining.

There was no suitable place to leave the dog. Because of this need, I came up with the idea of an environmentally sustainable product, but I also wanted it to be designer-friendly. “I am glad that our pets will have a safe place while waiting for the owners.” – said Petra Turkulin Odak.



The design is signed by Croatian product designer Filip Gordon Frank.


“Each of us, whether we are a dog owner or someone who knows nothing about dogs, has in his head a depiction of the stereotypical wooden dog kennels when they are mentioned. I used this stereotypical view as a starting point when I started thinking about the new design.

It is a new concept on the market, and every new product takes time for people to accept it as good and useful. ” – said the designer Filip Gordon Frank.


The house is made of environmentally friendly and antibacterial materials, which provide security for pets. But the owners also get security, so they will perform their daily tasks carefreely.


Petra Turkulin Odak and Filip Gordon Frank designed GOODBONNY ecological pet house

Petra Turkulin Odak and Filip Gordon Frank designed GOODBONNY ecological pet house


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There are three types of houses

InBonny is an indoor unit with a simple door closing mechanism that allows the owner to leave the pet in a safe and secure place.

SmartBonny houses are equipped with air conditioners, internet but also with a camera, so the owner through the application will be able to check at any time what the pet is doing in the house.

OutBonny houses are designed for outdoor space, such as streets, squares, mountain lodges, parking lots in shopping malls.


GOODBONNY listens to pets and understands them.


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