Madonna posted a rare photo with her three younger sisters after the family celebrated the 90th birthday of their father Silvio Ciccone.

The 62-year-old singer was seen celebrating her father’s birthday in his Michigan vineyard, with sisters Melanie (59), Paula (61) and Jennifer (53).


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Melanie and Paula have the same parents as the singer, while Jennifer is the daughter of Silvio and Joan, the woman Ciccone married after Madonna’s mother died in 1963.


Madonna posted a rare photo with her 3 sisters





The four sisters are rarely seen together, and social media users have recalled their 1987 photos from the wedding of Melanie and Joe Henry.

The event was also attended by Madonna’s brother, Christopher, who in his 2008 memoir described his sister as vicious and nervous. They reportedly reconciled about ten years after the book was published.


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