Zinedine Zidane, coach of the Real Madrid, said previously under fire Karim Benzema had never given up after the recalled his two goals helped his team to a fourth Champions League final in five years.

Real Madrid advanced 4-3 on aggregate after a 2-2 second-leg draw on Tuesday, but Bayern Munich shocked the home side when right-back Joshua Kimmich was allowed to open the scoring, just like in Munich last week.

Here is what Zinedine Zidane said:

“I am happy for him, he expected this, to score goals, and two today gave us the chance to go through. It has been difficult when he was not scoring, but he kept working, did not drop his hands. Not just me, but his teammates and the fans, showed their support, and we are happy for him now.

“He showed tonight, as he did last year, that he was a great player. I always defended him, but as I defend all my players, not just Karim Benzema.”

“Keylor gave us a lot with his saves, and not just his saves, he came off his line too when they were putting crosses in. We are happy with Keylor. He is Real Madrid’s goalkeeper.”

“We are only in the final now. We can be happy, and we should be, as it is not normal to be in three consecutive finals. But now that we are, what we must do is try and win it.

“We will do everything possible to defend our title as we can. To achieve three finals in a row is very nice, a beautiful feeling. This is why we live football, to experience such beautiful emotions.”

“Success tastes better when achieved through suffering. In football, you cannot achieve anything any other way. More than being something about this team, it is this club. Its history comes from way back, and we keep writing it.

“As many have before, now it is our turn, and we are happy. Madrid never gives up, even more in difficulties, as we had many difficulties today against a good rival.

“But we always believe in what we are doing, and we achieve things believing it is possible and fighting for it.”

Source: ESPNFC

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