The daughter of Jackie Chan, 19-year-old Eta Nig Chok Lam and her girlfriend, Canadian Andy Otom live as homeless because of homophobic parents who do not allow them to be together. They both recorded a video and posted it on the YouTube, and their story quickly became viral on the Internet. Now the media are talking about this case.

“Hi, I’m daughter of Jackie Chan, and this is my girlfriend Andy. We have been living as homeless for over a month because of our parents who are homophobes. We are sleeping under the bridge, because nobody wants to help us,” Eta said on the video.

Girls say they ended up on the street and now they are helpless. They say they fear state shelters in Hong Kong that evade them because they are sure to separate them.

“I do not understand what’s going on. We asked for help, but nobody cares about it. That’s why we’re recording this video because we do not know what to do. We love each other, but try to separate us,” the girls said.

After all these years of negativity, living in shame and being afraid of the world I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s easier to accept that I am never meant to love or be loved. Especially as a lesbian in a culturally sensitive society I would be doing my family a favour staying hidden, silent, sit and behave like I’ve been instructed all my life. but Then you came along and proved me wrong, I deserved to be happy, love and be loved. @andiautumn you Accepted every single part of me. The good, the bad and the crazy 😂 You opened my heart and mind to all the good in this world, kissed every scar I have. 2017 has been a complicated year, I’ve faced so much that was meant to break me and it would have but you kept me strong all the way. You Everything and more, I love you so so much princess 💕 ~Happy Early 9 month anniversary 💕 2/14/17 ~

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Jackie Chan got her daughter Eta during a brief affair with her mother, Elaine Ng Yi Lei, and her mother told Eta that it was time to become a serious person and find a job.

“I do not help her because I think she will start working if there is no money,” says the caring mother.

Their relationship Jackie Chan called “a terrible mistake”, and with the daughter has not been in contact for many years. Apparently, it neither helps nor financially, although his wealth is estimated at more than $390 million.

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