More than 10 million Ukrainians are currently without electricity, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced last night.


Zelenskyy: "More than 10 million Ukrainians are without electricity"


Zelenskyy: “More than 10 million Ukrainians are without electricity”

“Currently, more than ten million Ukrainians are without electricity, especially in the Kyiv region.”, said the Ukrainian president in his daily address.


Several Ukrainian cities, including the capital Kyiv, were targeted by Russian attacks yesterday, coinciding with the first snowfall in the power-starved country where temperatures could drop to minus 10 degrees Celsius.

The bombing of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure since October has regularly deprived millions of Ukrainians of electricity and water.

The national electricity operator Ukrenergo has announced the continuation of the power shortage due to the “deterioration of the situation”.


Zelenskyy: "More than 10 million Ukrainians are without electricity"


“Due to the sudden cold, electricity consumption increased in the regions of Ukraine, which further complicated the already difficult situation in the electricity system, and this led to wider restrictions on electricity consumption throughout the country.”, Ukrenergo said.


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