“Authorities in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, are preparing more than a thousand heating points across the city in case its central heating system is disabled by continued Russian attacks.”, Mayor Vitali Klitschko said.

Kyiv installs a thousand heating points


Missile and drone attacks have damaged 40% of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure and already briefly left large parts of Kyiv without electricity and water, prompting a ration of electricity consumption.

Klitschko wrote via Telegram that the city authorities are considering different scenarios for the rocket attacks.


“The worst is where there will be no electricity, water or heating at all. For that case, we are preparing more than 1,000 heating points in our city.”, he said.


Kyiv installs a thousand heating points


“The sites will be equipped with generators and stocked with essentials such as water.”, he added.


Appealing to Ukrainians who have already left the country to stay abroad during the winter, the Ukrainian government accused Russia of triggering a new humanitarian crisis by forcing even more people to flee, terrified of having to live without electricity or heating during of the winter.


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