After the scandal on Facebook and Cambridge Analytics with unauthorized use of personal data, other social networks and applications like Viber find ways to insure their customers and maintain their trust.

This messaging app is one of the most popular applications for online calls and instant messaging, sends a security alert to its users, in order to keep users using the application further.

Japanese company Rakuten sent a statement to all users: “Taking into account the recent developments regarding the safety of social networks, we remind you why Viber is the safest messaging application”

From the platform owned by the Japanese company Rakuten listed three reasons:

“Viber can not read or listen to any calls or calls, thanks to the general encryption. You can delete the already sent messages from the recipient’s phone at any time and you can send messages with limited duration in secret calls.”

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Statement from Viber

We are curios about do you use this messaging application and what’s your favorite messaging app? Do you think that Viber is really that secure as the company tell us it is? Every company will say only the best things about them, so they will insure their customers and maintain their trust and the customers will keep using their product.

Please tell us what do you think and answer on this question in the comments section down below. We’re waiting on your answers.

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