Al Pacino’s legendary statement is quoted very often, and what he has said about the betrayal of loved ones should be taken seriously.


“Betrayal is an integral part of life. Parents leave their children, those who have sworn eternal love become indifferent overnight, the husband leaves the wife, all these situations are part of the way of life.”, he said.


This statement by Al Pacino will last forever


“When someone hurts us, it’s important to remember: It doesn’t happen because we are to blame or we have done something wrong. When it rains we don’t blame ourselves, we close the windows and wait for the bad weather to pass.”


This statement by Al Pacino will last forever


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If we understand this, we will become immune and mentally stronger. We should often be guided by such attitudes. People spend too much time looking for guilt in themselves, and that doesn’t help at all.

How do you respond when someone betrays or injures you?


This statement by Al Pacino will last forever


This statement by Al Pacino will last forever


Don’t collect negative energy, don’t seek explanation, and don’t deepen the argument. The solution is very simple, here is how the actor explains it.


“I don’t waste time on people who have hurt me. I don’t turn to them and don’t think too much about such situations. I don’t have time to hate those who hate me, I am too busy with those I love.”



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