Ya, hear that? Hollywood actor Robert De Niro done went ahead and had himself another baby! This makes it his seventh child, and he’s a grand ol’ 79 years of age. The man’s got six other children from his previous relationships.


Actor Robert De Niro


During an interview, where he was talking about his latest project About My Father, the host asked him about his experience as a parent. De Niro responded by saying, “I don’t think you can get around the kids. I don’t want to be the one who has to enforce order or things like that. But (sometimes) you don’t have a choice. And any parent, I think, will tell you the same thing. You always want to be there for the children and take their word for it, but sometimes you can’t do that.”

When the host mentioned his six children, De Niro corrected him by saying, “There are actually seven. I recently had a baby.” However, he didn’t share any more details about the baby or who the mother is.


Hollywood Icon Robert De Niro Welcomes 7th Child at 79 – Rumored Lover Tiffany Chen Speculated as Mother

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But, rumor has it that the baby’s mama is Tiffany Chen, who is said to be De Niro’s lover. Tiffany is a Tai Chi instructor, and the two met back in 2015 while filming The Intern. She was a martial arts instructor at the time. Rumors about their relationship started making the rounds in 2021.

Tiffany Chen Robert De Niro


According to TMZ, De Niro and Tiffany were spotted by the paparazzi gettin’ into a car in March of this year, and De Niro allegedly told the photographers, “Can’t you see she’s pregnant!?”



De Niro has six other children from three different relationships. He had a daughter Drena (51) and a son Raphael (46) with his first wife Diane Abbott. He had twins Julian and Aaron (27) with Tuki Smith. And with his wife Grace Highwater, he had a son Elliot (24) and a daughter Helen Grace (11).


Robert De Niro Family


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