All the world’s media convey details about the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy X smartphones. Even though we expected to hear more about the Galaxy Note 9.

As the latest reports claim about the new Samsung’s flagship, Galaxy S10 will be presented in January 2019 at the Consumer Electronic Show, and it will be much earlier than originally expected. This reports are claimed by South Korean sources, who say the production of this device will begin in October this year.

There are also lot of rumors about the Galaxy X. This device draws even more attention because it is the first device in Samsung’s history that can completely fold. He will probably be presented at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February 2019, when Samsung will present the Galaxy S.

This explains why Samsung would move the Galaxy S10 to launch in January to make Galaxy X a month later in Spain. Galaxy S10 and Galaxy X will be completely different phones, not like Apple did with iPhone X (of course we know it’s Roman 10 number) which is X and iPhone 10 at the same time.

Galaxy X got a new code name, which is “Winner”, and we expect to be really winner. Earlier the project with a smartphone that could be folded on Samsung was named Valley.

As BGR said, this device should have two pretty small, 3.5-inch screens, which together form the big, 7-inch screen. The third will be OLED 3.5-inch screen is on the back and will serve the phone to be used even when it is twisted.

It’s too early to tell whether this prototype will become the commercial version that Samsung will sell at some point next year. As has been the case before, there’s always a chance that Samsung will continue to delay the foldable phone.

We are really curious about what the next Samsung flagships be like. We really expect the best from them, especially from the Galaxy X phone. But as for now, we must enjoy the S9 and S9+, because they’re the latest flagships from Samsung, for now.

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