While Kylie Jenner is at all costs trying to preserve the privacy of her 3-month-old daughter Stormy, fans of the Kardashian-Jenner clan have slightly different ideas.

Now it’s a new drama – is Travis Scott, 26, the father of Stormy, or is the father a handsome bodyguard, given the physical resemblance?

Tim Chung has kept Kylie Jenner several times in public, otherwise he works as a police officer at a Los Angeles station and at the same time is a model as needed.

Even though everything started with a joke, everyone doubted that Tim Chung was the father, now it has become a viral sensation along with the claims that Stormy looks more like him than Travis Scott.

This is a fan theory, a rumor. No one from the Kardashian-Jenner family has commented on the speculation, and unless they do, we should all assume Travis Scott is Stormi’s dad.


This actually isn’t the first time people have started rumors about Stormi’s dad. For a bit, it was believed Tyga, Kylie’s ex, was the father, but he shut down that theory on Twitter in March. He wrote:

Tim has a number of Instagram followers thanks to his nude photos and a well-shaped body.

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