The controversial singer again responded to the critics – Lana Del Rey defended her creative identity, and once again showed that she is fighting for her success despite the accusations that she became famous because of her father.

Just one day after Lana Del Rey released her new album titled Chemtrails Over the Country Club, she has already announced her new album Rock Candy Sweet, adding that the next one should arrive on June 1st.

The announcement was posted on the singer’s Instagram account in response to an article in Harper’s Bazaar criticizing the singer’s cultural approaches.


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I just want to say thank you for the beautiful articles like this one and for reminding me that my career is built on a cultural approach and glamorizing domestic violence.

I will continue to oppose those thoughts with my new album on June 1, entitled Rock Candy Sweet, wrote Del Rey in an Instagram story, which was deleted 24 hours after its release, reports Rollingstone.



Otherwise, if this album is really released on June 1, it will be the third major project of the singer in just one year. In addition to Chemtrails Over the Country Club, she previously published the Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass poetry collection in June last year, which is accompanied by an audio recording in which the singer reads 14 of her poems, accompanied by music by Jack Antonoff.



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There are more interesting facts about the controversial singer who finds her inspiration in the rock legend, Kurt Cobain.

Her real name is Lizzie Grant and she is the daughter of Rob Grant, the man who managed to make millions through internet entrepreneurship and domain investing.


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Lizzie Grant changed her stage name several times until she came to the name Lana Del Rey. Namely, on the Internet, you can find more videos under different pop names, such as May Jailer, Sparkle Jump Rope Queen and others.

The singer became controversial after the release of her first mega-hit Video Games. Namely, she was initially accepted as a person from the “underground” scene, as a person who managed to fight for her own music career on her own, but after her true identity as the daughter of the famous millionaire was revealed, the audience began to criticize her in general. the idea emerged that “dad’s millions” were behind her career.



Apart from this, the singer is often criticized for her appearance. Those who managed to find the videos from Lizzie Grant’s performances and connect “two and two”, that Lana and Lizzie are the same person, accuse the singer that in order to build the new “persona” she underwent plastic surgery.


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These accusations were immediately rejected by her. In addition, the whole aesthetic of the 60s of the last century that she promotes is criticized. Recently, cultural approaches are also targeted.

However, the three major projects in just one year are her answer to the critics, the answer is already becoming clear to all of us: the singer is persistent in her goal and seems to be determined to prove that she does not intend to go down in music history in fast time.


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