Chris Brown became one of the most hated people after he beat his then girlfriend Rihanna in February 2009.

Chris Brown was Rihanna’s first and greatest love, which unfortunately ended ingloriously. The rapper brutally beat her in 2009, and the whole world found out about the scandal. Photographs of her swollen face traveled the world, and then he told the story of the fateful night himself.


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Chris Brown is on trial again

Now, the 31-year-old rapper Chris Brown is in the media again due to unpleasant news. According to TMZ, Patricia Avila is suing Chris Brown, because while cleaning in his home, her sister became the target of an attack by his dogs.



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The sisters said they knew Chris Brown had dogs, but thought he kept them in a separate room. But they allegedly attacked her sister while she was emptying the vacuum cleaner.

The sisters claim that Chris Brown’s dogs have been violent in the past and are seeking large damages because the attack was severe with a bite to the face and legs.


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