On Friday, January 13th, Britney Spears was spotted at a restaurant in Los Angeles where she started behaving strangely – shouting at the top of her voice and saying unrelated things.

The news was shared by TMZ, along with a video that was allegedly taken the same night.

According to TMZ sources, 41-year-old Britney arrived at the restaurant with Sam Asghari and a bodyguard.

The singer got angry when several people took out their phones and started taking pictures of her. Then she started yelling and saying unrelated things, and Sam, embarrassed by the situation, left the restaurant.




In the video, Britney can be seen sitting alone at the table and saying something indistinct, while trying to hide her face with a menu.

The singer left the restaurant shortly after the video was taken, and her bodyguard paid the bill.


Britney Spears spoke out about the video of her screaming in a restaurant

This weekend, the video went viral, after which Britney shared a video of herself dancing in a white dress. At one point, she also gives the camera a middle finger.

There is no description on the video, and the option to comment is turned off.


Britney Spears spoke out about the video of her screaming in a restaurant


A few hours later, Britney also shared an illustration with a long description in which she talks about the bizarre video, noting that she was a little drunk.

“I’m sure I caused a billion smiles because I looked like Shrek in a restaurant. Even my best friend couldn’t wait to send it to me…

I know some people are excited about me being a little drunk in a restaurant. It’s like they’re watching my every move.

I’m flattered that they portray me as a maniac and then talk about the negative things that happened to me in the past!”


Britney Spears spoke out about the video of her screaming in a restaurant


So far, Sam Asghari has not spoken out about the strange video, but he recently spoke about the rumors that he is controlling Britney.


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