The financial crisis of 2008 left millions of people out of work and resulted in a major recession. It took a lot of time for things to stabilize again, and now the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, says the world should be prepared for another similar crisis.

Bill Gates is known for accurate estimates, and therefore his claim that the crisis will recur is really worrying. He says he can not estimate when the next financial crisis will happen, but he certainly is ahead of us.

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Newspaper of the financial crisis crash at 2008.

“I could not know exactly when the new financial crisis would happen, but I know it’s in front of us. Fortunately, we have already shown that we can deal with such a crisis 10 years ago”, wrote Bill Gates of Reddit, answering to the users of this network.

However, despite negative predictions, he and Warren Buffett remain optimistic when it comes to the US economy. In an essay for the American magazine Time writes that before the United States are years of economic growth and that children who are now rising will live long and more beautiful than their parents.

The famous American businessman Warren Buffet, believes that buying and maintaining quality shares is the best investment you can make.

“Do not focus too much on the market. If you try to buy stocks when the price is low and sell when the price rises, it will not produce good results. If you’re not ready to own more than 10 years, why do you think it’s good to own it for 10 minutes? “

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