Alfie Evans is a 23-month old baby, which was removed from his life support by the doctors in the Alder Hey children’s Hospital in Liverpool, UK.

Alfie is still live, despite the best hopes of the UK court system, who probably wanted the child to perish. And all that to protect their precious reputation of the NHS. It’s really bad from their side, and not even the murderers and convicted terrorists are treated this inhumanely.

After a protesting and tweeting on all the social media like Twitter and Facebook, the ‘doctors’ from the ‘hospital’ finally are giving the poor kid food and water. But now Alfie Evans father said that if the hospital’s actions result in the death of his son, he will sue everyone involved for “murder.”

He should do that, and everyone must must serve their sentence for murdering that kid. But, we still hope this kid survives, because that’s more importantly.

Here is a statement of Alfie Evans father, from LifeSiteNews:

“But if my son dies now, I will instruct lawyers to start private prosecution of every single person who helps to make that happen,” he said.

“You say that to withdraw life support from a sick child is a humane medical act – I say it is murder. You say that using force to prevent me from trying to save his life is no more than upholding the law – I say it is murder. You say you are acting in the best interests of the child. Perhaps King Herod used that phrase, too,” he continued.

“I will not allow you to kill my son just because a bunch of smug lawyers in London has concluded this would be good for him. If you make my son die tomorrow, you will face justice from a jury of your twelve countrymen in this world, and a terrible judgement of God in the world to come,” the toddler’s father added.


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