Kim Kardashian is known for her willingness to go to extremes to present the styles she chooses in the best light.


Kim Kardashian is forced to jump stairs


Kim Kardashian is forced to jump stairs


Kim Kardashian is forced to jump stairs


The 41-year-old star of The Kardashians on TikTok shared a humorous video from the Dolce & Gabbana party during Milan Fashion Week. It shows her being forced to jump up a flight of stairs because of her too-tight dress from the Italian fashion brand. Later, Kardashian finds another way to climb the stairs – by taking tiny steps.

The video ends with a shot of Kim leaving the party and getting into a car, which is also not without its challenges.


VIDEO: Kim Kardashian is forced to jump stairs because of an extremely tight dress


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The comments of Internet users are very different. While some comment that she looks “ridiculous” and “silly”, others call her a “mermaid” and a “fashion icon”.


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