On July 1st of this year, Machine Gun Kelly held a concert in Belgium, and at the request of his fan, he punched him in the face. The bizarre moment was captured on video.

Machine Gun Kelly Punched A Fan At His Request (VIDEO)


Machine Gun Kelly Punched A Fan At His Request (VIDEO)

The singer’s fan stood in the first row and held a banner with the inscription:

“I just came from Mexico 4 u 2 punch me in the face”


Machine Gun Kelly Punched A Fan At His Request (VIDEO)


Machine Gun Kelly noticed the caption and asked the fan why he wanted to hit him. To this, he just replied with “I love you”. The video shows Machine Gun Kelly hesitate and tell him he was wearing rings, meaning the blow would have been painful.

In the end, the singer still hit the boy in the face, and he posted the video of the moment on Instagram with a description:

“I make dreams come true.”



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A post shared by the gunner (@machinegunkelly)


The boy left a long comment on the post, thanking the singer for hitting him.




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