Kyrie Irving’s season is over as the Boston Celtics lost to the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 5. It is clear to say that the 27-year old point guard didn’t get the numbers he wanted and he was struggling this whole series.

This summer all eyes will be pointed out at Kyrie Irving as he has a decision to make where to play next season. Not quite 2 years ago, he signed with the Boston Celtics with the intentions of winning a championship. But things didn’t go quite as he and the fans expected. The first year things didn’t go quite as he expected due to injuries. And this year he was simply struggling and was going against a sensational team and an MVP candidate player, the Milwaukee Bucks and the Greak Freak.

It is clear to say that the Boston Celtics want Kyrie Irving back, but it is still too early and unclear to say for which team he will play this next season. The Boston Celtics had a season record 49-33 and throughout the whole season and especially in the playoffs, Kyrie Irving’s leadership has been criticized.

There are a few teams that want to get the hands on Kyrie Irving. The New York Knicks are planning to get Kevin Durant and hopefully to get in touch with Kyrie Irving if he has the intentions on building a great partnership with probably the best player in the NBA right now, Kevin Durant.

He could also swallow his pride and sign with the Los Angeles Lakers and reunite with his former teammate LeBron James. They both had great years in Cleveland, winning a championship in 2016, and being in the finals 3 consecutive years.

But if he plans on being “The Man”, and test his leadership again, he could sign with the Brooklyn Nets or the Los Angeles Clippers. Safe to say, it is still too early to conclude anything, but it will be a really interesting summer.

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