The Kremlin announced yesterday that US President Joe Biden has the key to ending the conflict in Ukraine, by targeting Kyiv, but Washington has so far not wanted to use it.


Kremlin: “Biden holds the key to ending the war in Ukraine”

“The key to the regime in Kyiv is mainly in the hands of Washington.”, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in Moscow, Hina reported.

“Now we see that the current head of the White House … does not want to use this key. On the contrary, he chooses the path of further “pumping” of weapons into Ukraine.”, added Peskov.


Kremlin: "Biden holds the key to ending the war in Ukraine"


Moscow has often accused Washington of giving orders to Ukraine and perpetuating the conflict by supplying Kyiv with weapons.

The US states that Russia started the brutal war of its own accord and can end it by withdrawing its forces.

Relations between the two sides have sunk to an all-time low over the past year, and the United States this week said it would supply Ukraine with 31 M1 Abrams advanced tanks worth $400 million.

Russia states that any delivery of Abrams tanks will be a waste of money, as they will “burn” them just like other tanks in Ukraine.


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