A document has been published on the Internet in which Georgina Rodriguez is labeled as Cristiano Ronaldo’s “slave”. The couple received a special permit from the Saudi government to live together. The cohabitation of two unmarried people is otherwise prohibited by Saudi Arabia’s state laws, which are closely related to the Islamic faith.


Georgina Rodriguez's visa appears stating she is 'Ronaldo's slave'


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Georgina Rodriguez’s visa appears stating she is ‘Ronaldo’s slave’

In the document, which is believed to be Ronaldo’s girlfriend’s visa and was translated by Twitter users, Georgina is labeled as “property of the footballer”. Women in Saudi Arabia have no independence or autonomy, and the celebrity couple is not officially married.



CNN Arabic sent a question about the document to Saudi authorities but did not receive a comment. They also wrote that the document is probably fake, but without official confirmation, it is not possible to confirm or deny these rumors.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his family recently moved to Saudi Arabia, where they live under the new rules. Georgina recently broke the dress code at a dinner with her fiance by appearing in a short skirt, for which she faces a fine.

In Saudi Arabia, according to Sharia rules, women are required to cover their entire bodies. The dress code mandates “modesty and decency”, so tight or see-through clothing must not be worn. In public, Georgina is expected to wear an abaya, a traditional long dark-colored tunic.


Georgina Rodriguez's visa appears stating she is 'Ronaldo's slave'


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