News broke today that legendary actress and comedian Betty White died a few weeks before her 100th birthday. For years, she entertained the audience with her roles, but also with her statements.


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Betty White died before her 100th birthday


One of the pioneers of television, she can boast of the longest TV career in history. She has 77 years of experience and is best known for the role of Rose Niland in the series Golden Girls and that of Elka Ostrovski in the series Madness in Cleveland.


Betty White died before her 100th birthday


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But the public has always been more interested in her private life and the life wisdom she selflessly shares. Betty has been married three times and has not been married since her last husband, Allen Ludden, died in 1981. Visiting Larry King, when asked why she was no longer married, she replied:


“Once you have the best, what more do you need?”


Asked when she would retire, she said:


“I want to work and I will stop only when they stop asking me.”


Betty White died before her 100th birthday


Betty said she had a secret formula for longevity and was only blessed with good health. She never broke her rules: she slept for eight hours, never had breakfast, and sometimes ate a sandwich for lunch.

For dinner, Betty drank a glass of vodka on ice, accompanied by her pet.


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Some of Betty’s favorite wisdom are:


“Enjoy life, concentrate on the positive things.”


“I’m still happy to see a real gentleman open the door for me.”


“I’m not a good cook. I only go to the kitchen when I have to hurt my dog.”


“They tell me that Facebook is a great opportunity to connect with old friends. At my age, to connect with old friends I will need a ghost board.”


Betty White died before her 100th birthday


“I do not want plastic surgery. Sometimes I meet old friends, so I can not recognize them from the plastic, I know them only by voice.”


“I have always wanted men older than me. At my age, honestly, there are not many.”


“My advice? Sleep at least eight hours for beauty. Nine if you are ugly.”


Betty White died before her 100th birthday


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