The 74-year-old Hollywood actor set a new goal. His new challenge is to bring his weight back to double digits by the end of March.

The coronavirus pandemic has had consequences for all of us. Film terminator, Hollywood actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted that he gained weight for the first time in his life during the lockdown, which is why he is in a depressed mood. She also changed her style of dress, now she dresses in dark clothes to cover the extra pounds.


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He is known as a legendary Hollywood force from action movies. In addition to his Hollywood career, he was a multiple bodybuilding champion in the 60s.





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He publicly revealed that in the last 12 months, he spends most of his time at home and because of that he has gained a lot of weight despite the fact that he trained every day in his home gym. But he often went to the fridge, so as a result, he could hardly bear his reflection in the mirror.


“I gained 5-6 kilograms. I wear dark clothes and I feel good, but at night when I look in the mirror I see my stomach and I can not help but complain to myself: Arnold, he was a winner of 13 bodybuilding championships. The Guinness Book of World Records praises you as the most perfectly built man in history. So what happens to your abdominal muscles? What is happening to you? This is depressing!” – announced Arnold on social networks.





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During his sports career, when he won the titles Mr. Olympia and Mr. Universe were much heavier than now, weighing as much as 118 kilograms. But today his metabolism is slowing down and his muscles are relaxed so he set a goal to return to double digits.


“The main reason for my overweight is to stop filming: getting out of my daily routine, which has changed me a lot. Life is a game in which we all experience successes and failures. But they can not be permanent. That is why I am immediately returning to the right path. ” – Schwarzenegger concluded.

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