Apple yesterday introduced the new version of the iOS operating system at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Virtual reality, ARKit 2, improvements in the sharing system and changes in the way the system works are just some of the new features of iOS 12.

With the new iOS 12, devices like iPhone and iPad will gain access to virtual reality.

The new version of Measure app on iOS will allow you to measure 3D objects in the real world. Users will only need to press the screen and the device will measure in 3D.

The Photos app also gets new features and now it can offer you a sharing option with people who are in the picture.

We’ve seen these things in Google Photos, but it’s still exciting to get the same things for iOS.

A few more updates arrive with iOS 12, and one of the most striking is the Shortcuts application, which will provide easier access to Siri and its recommendations and tips.

A new application called CarPlay will help drivers get to the desired destination, although it will not work independently, but will use data from applications like Google Maps and Waze.

Apple strongly believes in virtual reality (AR), so the new iOS 12 will have the option of making personal Animoji, the emoji with the look of the user. This new option is called Memoji and will have several different effects, modifications, and animations.

Other iOS 12 improvements focus on device performance, so now applications will open up 40% faster, the keyboard will be 50% faster and the camera will be 70% faster than on the older devices.

Also, there are new swipe gestures for the iPad, same as the iPhone X.

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