Adele’s father died after a long battle with cancer. Adele failed to give him a chance to improve their relationship. She couldn’t forgive him for leaving her when she was only 3 years old.


Adele suffered a loss that nothing can compensate for

British pop star Adele can no longer repair her strained relationship with her father and Mark Evans, nor can she heal the wounds she suffered from her childhood. Adele’s father died at the age of 58, the previous week after Adele celebrating her 33rd birthday. He was suffering from colon cancer.


Adele suffered a loss that nothing can compensate for - Leaving without a chance to forgive Adele's father died Adele with her father Mark Evans

Adele with her father Mark Evans



Leaving without a chance to forgive

Exhausted by the illness he had been battling for 7 years, he hoped to reconcile with his daughter and that was his last wish. He tried several times to get in touch with Adele and fix things. He hoped that Adele would forgive him and meet his nephew Angelo Adele’s son from his marriage to ex Simon Konecki.


“She can’t think that I don’t want to see her and I want to show her that I want to have a role in her life.”, said Adele’s father recently.




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It seems that their broken relationship lasts too long to be corrected only by an apology, no matter how sincere. When Adele was 3 years old her father left her mother Penny Adkins without thinking about her daughter. Their occasional meetings were not enough to build a quality relationship. Adele couldn’t forgive him for spending his childhood without him.


“I was the worst father Adele needed most. I drank a lot, two liters of vodka a day, and only dear God knows how I survived. I was ashamed of my actions and unaware that it was best for Adele not to see me like that.”, said Adele’s father recently in a public address.


However, he is no more and Adele will now think about what would happen if she gave him another chance.



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