28-year-old British star Sophie Kasaei, has been able to lose 12 kilograms in the past few months, and decided to show it before all, to bare skin.

After losing 12 kilograms, she walked into the incredibly sexy overalls with a “new” body, which not only shows the stomach, but also the chest.

The jewelry, reduced it to a minimum, because in any case there would have been no expression besides such a low-neckline.

The starlet Sophie Kasaei regularly publishes her “before and after” photos of Instagram and says she feels “alienated” in a new body she has not yet got used to. However, judging by the choice of clothes, it could be said that she got used to the new, snake body.

Well last year I was avoiding every single holiday with the girls, didn’t even go on one as I was so down and just hated myself and my body. – Constantly moaning and just thinking “I’m fat now so fuck it masewel eat more” and then just gaining more weight! – Iv now found a happy balance, I have a positive and ambitious mind and I also have a healthy body! I eat well , I add training into my lifestyle and I also take my @szknutrition to help boost my weight loss. – Summer is just around the corner and I cannot wait to book all my holidays , festivals and show off all the hard work I have done over the past year! – You can download the diet now order the supps and I promise if you stick with it you will see results! – Roll on summer 2018! Link in my bio ❤

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So it’s Monday tomorrow and nearly the start of a new month. These pictures are me a year or so apart. I feel like the old picture wasn’t even really me, I feel so far apart from that person I was. And not just the way I looked, but the way I felt. Training and clean eating has changed my mental outlook and I feel so much better for it, not to mention I am no longer over weight and putting my health at risk. Training, dieting and help from my @szknutrition supplements is what did it for me along with a positive outlook which got more and more positive as the weeks went by. Try it yourself guys and try my diet plan and supplements to aid weight loss and see how much better you can feel ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻 link in my bio #comeonsummer

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